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A butterfly that shines! Butterflies are so special, they are the messengers of the afterlife. With a butterfly near you you feel support and strength. With this in mind I created these paintings. You see that and you feel that when you look at it. A valuable gift for yourself or someone else!
You can choose a butterfly or a portrait butterfly where I subtly incorporate the face of your loved one into the painting.

The colors gain enormous dimension through the layers of ink that lie like a powder layer on the Archival paper. This is the case with the free-hanging Dibond surface and with the Baking frame.
The high-gloss Chromalux makes the sparkling colors shine razor sharp.

Click on your butterfly, choose the size and select the type list. The price changes with your choice.
Do you have questions, do you want a different version, or do you want personal advice? Whatsapp to +31 6 57185716 and I will contact you.


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