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Butterfly Art - Woman in blue 2

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You will discover new dimensions again and again in this precious piece of art. The rich color of butterflies is optimally expressed by the special inks and archival paper. Due to the incidence of light, the painting always gives a different impression, which keeps it fascinating. I sign the butterflies I make and provide them with a certificate of authenticity.

This artwork is 150x200cm (61 x 78.7 inches) and is a Chromaluxe edition.

Butterflies are so special, they are the messengers of the afterlife. With a butterfly near you you feel support and strength. With this in mind I created these paintings. You see that and you feel that when you look at it. A valuable gift for yourself or someone else!
You can choose a butterfly or a portrait butterfly where I subtly incorporate the face of your loved one into the painting.

Would you like to have the face subtly incorporated into one of the butterfly paintings? Please contact us for the possibilities:

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