About me

Welcome to my website! I am Wilma Mesman, businesswoman, author and artist and I would like to inspire you here with my creativity and spiritual insights.

For years, the flower industry was the stage for my versatile talents. From floral art and innovative marketing to publishing influential books; I have enthusiastically embraced all the success. After a long period of illness, my entrepreneurship has led me to develop refreshing business concepts.

Traditional customs and digital progressiveness came together. It was a wonderful time and my blood still runs faster when coming up with new concepts. My inspiration is always buzzing!

Eager to learn, I constantly follow and research new developments. This also applies to the field of AI and digital design. That brought me to digital art. My inspiration in the flower industry was already endless, but now it takes on even more dimension with the enormously wide range of design options. I have now searched and found my own style in this and I certainly dare to go that little bit further where others have already stopped. For those who know me: “exactly 'me'; )”

Of course my love for flowers and Porsches also takes flight in this form of art. The possibilities are endless and the personal and tailor-made assignments also have many twists and turns.

I probably don't have to tell you what it feels like to be able to do what you feel passionate about and what makes you happy every day. Many people dream about it, some have already discovered it. It is happy, positive and makes you want to get out of bed in the morning and start the new day.

That's exactly who I am, with a radiant attitude, a positive outlook and inexhaustible energy. I experienced this feeling in the flowers, when writing my bestseller 'That's right' and now that I was doing digital and creative research, it crossed my destined path again and the enormous inspiration felt like coming home again. From the very first moment, the most beautiful works of art come into reality under my hands. My radiant self, the sparkle of my soul, is the source for this expression of passion.

It's wonderful that I can inspire you and add color to your days. The thought that my text or creation touches someone every day and perhaps gives that spark of energy to start the day happily, that's what I do it for. My immense energy flows into the world in this way, also for you!

Naturally, you can still contact us for interesting business assignments and presentations. I await your message with enthusiasm.

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See you soon!

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