Leef jij bewust op de hoge frequentie? Wilma Mesman

Do you consciously live on the high frequency?

I wake up slowly. If there is such a thing, I better say: conscious. I lie down for a while, I pull the duvet up a bit and dig a new hole in my pillow.

The cold of the open window is confrontational, but also nice to sleep in.

At this moment my bed still feels so wonderfully comfortable. I keep my eyes closed and try not to think for a while. In this way I give space to my subconscious where the most beautiful information is located. Active thinking means that under 'normal circumstances' you cannot perceive what is going on in your subconscious. Simply because your thinking brain has the upper hand. There are all kinds of methods to quiet your thinking, such as meditation. The easiest way is to sleep, then you switch off your conscious brain for a while and your subconscious is then in charge. Your subconscious controls all processes in your body, such as breathing, your heart beating and your hair growing. Yes, for some not as much and quickly as desired, but really, that comes from your subconscious. If you have a problem with it, you now understand where to look for the cause ;)

Back to conscious and unconscious perception. Because that works all day long with your conscious brain. Actually observing or controlling your subconscious is much more difficult and this is especially possible at the border between falling asleep and waking up. Then your active thinking switches off and your subconscious takes over. In your sleep, your subconscious is the one in charge.

And precisely when your active thinking, or your consciousness, takes a step back, there is access to your subconscious. That is exactly the moment when you can 'reprogram' yourself. For example, to break thoughts of doom or bad habits. You can apply that in all kinds of ways. How? That will all come up again and again in these stories. Because I also apply that every day. To live life the way you choose without burning yourself out, this is an essential way to get there.

Still in the slumber of waking up, I mainly feel joy that I am the first to experience it. This is a nice way to wake up, I want more of this! So I'm still musing for a while. The realization that I am now so awake that sleeping is no longer an option dawns on me and I grab my phone.

After I unlock the device, I scroll through the screens to see what I will click to find more positivity. Just those nice messages that make you happy.

Yes, I admit it straight away, indeed, regularly nice and soft, sweet or nice. It is soooo wonderful to enjoy someone else's happiness.

My gaze searches along the apps. The socials are classified together. I don't open this one, because you never know what will appear on your screen first. Perhaps misery and misery and I want to avoid that right now. I leave the news channels and my mailbox unopened for the same reason. A person has a choice! You don't have to let your brain be negatively programmed by external sources. You can simply choose what you allow. Okay, okay, it often takes some effort to be aware of this and break habits. These types of actions have often become automatic and therefore you always 'program' yourself on a different frequency than that of where you want to be. It goes without saying that I still regularly fall into that trap. Not today!

Wait, YouTube! One of my greatest sources of inspiration. I can open that safely. Because I rarely watch news or current affairs on YouTube, but I always find them a source of great inspiration, the automated suggestions of videos to watch are usually right up my alley.

The latest videos from my favorite gurus are of course shown at the top, but I don't want to hear them right now. I know that kind of content very well by now. It's not what I'm looking for right now. Right now I want more happiness! Reinforcement of the feeling I woke up with and that probably ended up in my consciousness through my subconscious. That's why I type 'positive morning' into the search bar and click on any video in the suggestions that appear below to listen to it.

OMG! Haha, what a grave voice starts to say here, no, I want positive! Pleased! The next video I try is again narrated by a man with a very low voice. Ohhh no! I want high and happy! The high frequency. This causes the high vibration of my cells and that vibration allows me to be in contact with the great collective energy field, or 'The Source'. Every cell in me may emit the right frequency to communicate with the ultimate source of everything. It is our possibility and reason for existence and the connection to everything we desire. That is what I want to communicate with and if that is high and happy, it gives high and happy results; exactly what I wish!

That's why I quickly look up something by Louise Hay, her voice is cheerful, high, light and absolutely positive. But unfortunately, she also starts listing negative things that hold you back from your best life and why you should be or do positive. I know that, I already am!! I'm just looking for more of this, confirmation. Not how to get to the positive frequency, because that's how I woke up, but being aware that I experience it that way and consciously feeling good and increasing that feeling.

This doesn't happen often; I click away on YouTube again. I look in my Spotify for music. That is always the right choice, but now I don't know what music I will play. There is so much joy within me that everything from outside does not resonate, connect or confirm.

That's actually what I want to tell you: By resonating the good feeling with the large collective energy field and communicating what you want in this way, you will receive more of it.

A wonderful message to start with every day. Every day again, until it has become a natural flow in your system. Well, that means practicing, practicing, becoming aware, being aware, applying, realizing, falling, getting up and starting again. Until it becomes more and more a natural pattern of yourself and enriches your life.

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