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FLOWERS LIMITED EDITION - 2024 Tulip Cherish Power 150x150cm

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Edition: Limited Edition
Size: 125x125cm (49.2 x 49.2 inches)
Material: Chromaluxe hoogglans
Price incl. 9% vat
Signed, numbered and certificate of authenticity

  • Description
    Limited edition
    Be surprised by this original work of art! A nod to my fame in the international flower industry, where I achieved my successes with such enthusiasm.
    My passion for color, flowers and design is optimally expressed in this. So that it fascinates you every day. A valuable gift for yourself or someone else.
    I signed, numbered and provided the limited edition with a certificate of authenticity.
    This painting is 150x150cm (59.1 x 59.1 inches) and is a Chromaluxe edition.

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