Leipzig 2002

Leipzig 2002

Picking up my first Porsche Cayenne in Leipzig! 32 years young and I could have done that anyway! My love for 4x4 and off-road driving led to the Cayenne, the beginning of my Porsche love.

What a party. Upon arrival at the gate of the Porsche factory at 8:00 am, a gate guard was already waiting with a note with my name on it. Yes, we were allowed to continue.

A good friend of mine was with me, after all he had pointed out to me that picking up your new car was an option at the factory.

First we were welcomed by the entire team of reception and showroom employees. Very German and punktlich! Then a professional driver took us.

The choice was the order: track first or off-road first? Lunch or dinner in the star restaurant? And of course the Porsche museum. A fantastic day with great experiences. The nicest? … the 60* slope and the 'ditch'? Because yes, racing is fun, but real off-road driving is even more fun; )

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